Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Village and I: Ten Life Stories

As a life long avid reader, I am so excited to announce that I published a book last year! The Village and I: Ten Life Stories is published by Curiosity House Books. I received the Robert G Kemp Award and an additional large grant from The Purple Hills Arts and Historical Society to fund the project and worked hand in hand, with my editor, Rina Barone to make it happen.

The book tells the life stories of 10 life long residents of the Creemore area. The short stories, based on interviews with the subjects, are written by published writers that live or weekend in the area. Each story is accompanied by a portrait of the subject created by a local, professional artist. The book is also filled with historic and family photos and a foreward by renowned writer Dan Needles.

A launch was held for the Village and I at the Avening Community Centre and it was packed to capacity. Folks lined up to grab the signatures of the elder subjects and of the artists and writers. It was hands down one of the most special nights of my life. The book is right now being printing for a 3rd run!

Here is a link to an excerpt published in In the Hills magazine.

Here is the book cover, with my portrait of sheep farmer Neil Metheral.

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