Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Piece for the TIAF

 Lost and Found
 mixed media on watercolour paper


A few months ago my family and I found an immature hawk near Algonquin park. The hawk had no visible signs of trauma but it was not moving much and allowed us to pick him up. We had noticed an adult hawk low in the trees, near our cabin, a few times in the days prior. No doubt that was his mother.  The  hawk died that night and to my surprise I found it so devastating.
I have known the woman in this drawing since high school. Her name is Jenn and she is an architect living in New York city. She is a woman of stunning beauty and talent. She speaks 4 languages, put herself through school and has traveled extensively by herself. She struggles with self doubt and does not see how truly awesome she is. I also find this devestating. But she wants and tries to be happy and healthy and in that I find great hope.
So, here they are together in a piece about being lost and found, about seeing, not being seen, power and vulnerability.
As a side note I did almost this entire piece listening to a fantastic band (fronted by equally fantastic  guys) called Chinese Food- the album is When the Future Caught on Fire- check them out-
So this and maybe a few other pieces will be hanging in the Ingram Gallery booth next weekend at the Toronto International Art Fair (for details I will be at the opening gala all tarted up, so if you are there come and say hi and be nice, I will be so out of my element!

I'm on T.V!

Check out this weeks episode of Star Portraits on Bravo on Saturday October 17th at 8pm to see me and 2 other fantastic artists create portraits of the actor Enrico Colantoni. To view this episode online click on this link: It was a great experience and I am interested to see how it translates into a 30 minute program.