Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Solo 2011

Ingram Gallery posted their 2011 exhibition schedule last week and here I am! Exhibition dates- check, exhibition title- check, paintings- working on them like mad! So save the date- May 5th, and come celebrate my first ever solo opening with me!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Berman's Art Fair

Opening night- Toronto International Art Fair- between my favourite Berman painting ever and my portrait of her

oil on panel
Wow, that art fair was so much fun. I had a blast with Tarah, Jeff, Geritt, Ekin, John, Wendy and Jean Miller Harding. Great food, mango cocktails and, well, I just couldn't stop smiling- oh and great art of course!
The good folks at Ingram placed my painting, as can be seen above, on a very visible wall- beside a stellar Rachel Berman painting. It was such a treat to see our paintings together- the wall was all about her and she deserves that much attention and more. That painting of hers- a little her-girl morphed with her now, masked- the gesture, the emotion, the distortion of proportions- one of my very favourite pieces of contemporary art. It is enlightening being a friend of hers-  my art and my nerves are better for it.
Oh, and my painting sold! First art fair sale for me- yey! Man those guys at Ingram gallery are good to me- super fantastic fit.
Ok, got to get back to painting for my solo.......