Friday, May 28, 2010

Life drawing again!

5 minute pose

2 minute pose

I did some life drawing a few days ago for the first time in almost a year- sigh. I was pretty rusty- couldn't capture a likeness to save my life- but it was great fun. I was drawing with a few illustrators who kicked my ass and made me excited to do more. There is some talk about myself and illustrators Harvey Chan and Kagan McLeod doing a 3 way portrait painting session! Sounds like a good time.
Plugging away at solo work- sketching, making panels and taking reference photos- very exciting.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So It Begins...

Here is a small detail or glimpse of the first piece for my solo show at Ingram Gallery in May 2011. The finished pieces will be under serious secret security in my studio until opening night! Gotta maintain some suspense and the body of work follows a specific narrative so I want you all to see it as a whole. The work will be created with a wide variety of painting and drawing materials on my 300lb hot press Arches watercolour paper- nicely protected under a layer of beeswax.  I promise to keep the blog up with quick studies, oil sketches, life drawings and whatever else peeks my interest! Yey solo show 2011!!