Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lost and Found

For the last 8 months, my husband, Peter Mitchell, and I have been working on an incredible community arts project called Lost and Found. In collaboration with St.Stephen's Community House and 12 talented Toronto teens, we collected nearly 200 personal stories of things or people lost or found.

Under our art direction, the participating teens created illustrations, based on some of the collected stories. Peter and I also chose stories to illustrate.

Ingram Gallery is graciously hosting the project's final exhibition next week! Many of the handwritten stories and all of our illustrations will be on display. The show runs Wednesday May 30th and Thursday May 31st. Peter, myself and the young artists will be in attendance at the opening celebration on Wednesday May 30th, from 4-7pm.  Please follow this link for Ingram Gallery info.  If you live in or near Toronto and want to see something remarkable, please come join us!

Here are some samples of the contributed stories- I'll save the illustrations for the opening!