Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I just can't get enough of the ladies in my life!

Here is a painting of the amazing fine and tattoo artist Camilla Rocha. I took reference photos of her in the life drawing studio of the New York Academy of Art, where Camilla was obtaining her Masters degree. She is a highly skilled artist, with a clear and deep passion for exploring meaning and humanity through her work.

By the Studio Light
Oil on linen

And here is a painting of the lovely Gillian Harris, mom, social worker, fashionista and friend.
Oil on linen
12 x 9"

One of my all time favorite humans, Kristi Green, is also a reoccurring subject in my work. Dear, friend, mother, writer, editor, lover of unicorns. Kristi and I have only known each other for 3 years, but we both went, alone, to the same Pantera concert when we were 16. Enough said.

The Editor
Oil on linen
12 x 9"

Here is Kristi again, with another of my favorite humans, Sass Dempsey. Sass is a teacher, yoga instructor and incessant caregiver to all around her. Her big heart is cherished by all but leaves little room or energy for herself at times. This painting was included in the Women Painting Women exhibition at Principle Gallery in Charleston, SC.
Mama Bear
Oil on canvas
18 x 24"

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