Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Art School Project

Peter Mitchell and I are thrilled to be working with St.Stephen's Community House on a free of fee art school for kids and teens who have barriers to accessing extra curricular art classes. The first classes of our pilot project begin this week. Peter is teaching an illustration program and I am teaching drawing and painting. Both programs run after school, in Kensington Market. Registration for the program was incredible. We accepted far more students than we intended. Our registration is now closed and we have a waiting list.
The 14 week pilot project will inform and act as a foundation for a permanent not-for-profit, top notch art school at St.Stephen's. I have been working on this school for a couple of years now and am over the moon now that we are starting! We have an all star advisory committee, including the good folks at Ingram Gallery, that will help insure the sustainability and future of the school. If you have interested in donating to the school please send me an email at