Thursday, April 28, 2011

7 more sleeps....

"More than this"
oil on panel

My solo show at Ingram Gallery opens next Thursday May 5th! The paintings are varnished and ready to drop off at the gallery tomorrow and I am feeling soooo excited!
This is a painting of a lovely woman named Sachi. I met her when she was pregnant with her daughter- we shared a midwifery clinic and our husbands know each other from the Sheridan Illustration program. This one almost didn't make it into the show- I lost patience when I realized that the head I painted was both too big and in the wrong spot and would need to be gessoed over and restarted. I turned her face against the wall for a few weeks and then gave her another go. I am super happy with how the head and hands turned out in the end. I can't tell you how many things I gessoed over in the past few months- there are whole paintings underneath some of the paintings in the show! Its liberating to be at a stage where that feels just fine.
Hope to see you in a week!

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