Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Figure painting workshop with Jeremy Lipking

I had the extreme good fortune of participating in a Jeremy Lipking figure painting workshop in LA this past weekend. I spent a day and a half watching him paint and another day and a half painting a few oil studies from life myself. Jeremy spoke quite a bit about his process while he painted and it was incredibly awe inspiring and humbling to watch him work. We painted a stunning Iranian/Swedish model named Malo, on the beach in Malibu on the last day- lucky me! Lipking was a generous host and a blast to be around. He completely blew my mind on the last evening by referencing Pantera's album Cowboys from Hell- warming the corners of my true skid soul!
My study of Ariella 16 x 20"

My study of Malo 4x6"

Jeremy's study of Ariella

Jeremy's study of Malo

Jeremy Lipking painting on the beach

Jeremy and I outside of his studio in Agoura Hills

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Unknown said...

UnknownJuly 5, 2018 at 8:35 PM
Did he start with initial drawing?
Did he use medium? If you have photographs of initial stages of painting, kindly share. Thanking you in anticipation.