Thursday, July 14, 2011

Salmagundi Club


Turkish Mama
oil on panel
I am so excited to announce that this painting was accepting into the Salmagundi Club's annual juried exhibition in New York. The Salmagundi Club was established in 1871 and Matthew Innis wrote a great post about it for his fabulous  Underpaintings blog. This spring the Salmagundi Club presented its 4th American Masters show that included work by Jeremy Lipking, David Kassan, David Lafelle, Rose Frantzen and many other stellar painters. The exhibition that my painting is a part of runs from August 8th- 19th, with an awards banquet on the 19th. Did I mention that I am excited?!

Gulay Karadere-West and my painting of her in the window of Ingram Gallery
May 5th 2011

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