Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jeremy Lipking Show

My great friend Jenn Sgro and I at Lipking's opening reception

Jeremy Lipking and his model

Lipking's oil sketch- done in about 1.5 hours

I went to New York last week to see Jeremy Lipking's solo show open at Arcadia Fine Arts gallery last Thursday. Lipking is one of my favourite contemporary painters and the work was tremendously exciting to see in real life. On Saturday Arcadia hosted a free Lipking painting demo. Jeremy did an oil sketch from life in about 2 hours. It was a full house and quite magical to watch. I swear to god he hit the likeness in the first 4 strokes. I think it was extremely generous of Arcadia owner, Steve Diamant, and Lipking to do this demo. Clearly most of the people who attended were painters, not buyers. I'm sure those two will go down in the history books as a couple of the good guys.

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Harvey Chan said...

Thanks for posting this. Damn, I wish I could look at those sketches up close in person....