Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New oils

Eastern Block Heart
       oil on panel
Bound to Tuesday
Oil on panel

So, I haven't painted with oils in about a year and a half. Thought I'd get my brushes dirty again and see if oil painting is any more condusive to life with 2 small children. I spent a couple days on each of these, but it is still tricky, with drying times, to make working with oils, work with the mom shifts and the early wake up time.
The model in both is my friend Anna. She is an actor and a chameleon- and a new mom herself.


Anonymous said...

what brushes do you prefer with oils?

sara sniderhan said...

I use inexpensive, long handle, soft synthetic brushes. I do most painting with flat brushes of varying sizes and have 1 small (#2) fine pointed brush for finishing detials.