Thursday, March 26, 2009

Manitoba eh!

The Loch Gallery in Winnipeg sold this paintng to the Manitoba government over the weekend. This sale is especially sweet because I did the painting almost 3 years ago- not remembering the work that went into it makes it feel like free money! We can pay our property tax, yey!


ojiverdeazul said...

I know what it feels like, when someone's pay me to do what I love to, I feels like "wow! and so they have payed me!!!"

You paint really good!

Nice blog!!

lavergne14 said...

I love this artwork. My partner and I saw this a few weeks before it sold and we went back to the gallery to purchase it only to find that it sold the week before. We should have bought it first. Oh well, we will do better next time.


magnífico esplendoroso sinto me feliz por conhecer o seu trabalho visite minha página!